Liam Mckeon


Compass Real Estate

Liam is a Boulder County native who grew up in Boulder and Louisville. In 1995 he left for a Grand Adventure in New York City that ended up lasting nineteen incredible years. After all that time, spent going to school, acting, and bartending in various ultra high-end restaurants, such as the legendary La Grenouille, he decided it was past time to come home to the place that he will always love more than any other. Now back living in Colorado, with his amazing wife from Queens and their wonderful daughter, and practicing Real Estate in the Front Range, he could not be any happier.


Liam's nearly twenty years of experience bartending in luxury restaurants in Manhattan has made varied and intensely personal customer service into something that is now second nature to him. He utilizes that same enthusiasm, care and compassion into making the act of buying or selling a property as smooth and comfortable as possible. He also knows every situation that involves a need in real estate is as unique and important as the people that bring those situations to him, and would welcome the opportunity for you to allow him to help you get the result you are looking for.


Liam invites you to give him a call to talk about what he can do to help you, even if it's just for advice on how to make the perfect old-fashioned!